Repurposed with a Purpose

During the month of October I created designs for cancer awareness month. I donated 20% of all sales to the 2for2 boobs organization. 

Keepsakes are forever
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 I 've always wanted to find a way that I could utilize my passion for repurposing and give back in some way. I came up with the idea of taking an article of clothing from a lost loved one and turn it into a memorial keepsake that they could utilize on an everyday basis. I've turned neckties into necklaces, like the ones I feature on my site. As well as added the neckties to denim jackets or using them to create household items such as table runners or pillows. I've taken jeans and made handbags, jewelry, scarves and table decor. I can't bring a loved one back to life, but I can bring life back to their memory. For more information on this service check out my other site,