I started Dishar Designs over 20 years ago as an outlet to channel all of my creative juices. During those years I have done About 5 years ago I purchased a re-purposed necktie at a vendor event and the rest is history. That one tie design purpose was the beginning of my passion for re-purposing. I started creating my own tie design necklaces. From there I added the ties on denim jackets. Working with the denim jackets then got me to thinking of what else can be done with denim. From there I became obsessed with coming up with other ways to use the denim. From there the jewelry and accessory lines were created. 

Most recently I have started redesigning  the denim jeans and neckties of people who have lost loved ones.. Just knowing that I am able to give them that they can see or use on a regular and daily basis has been so gratifying to me. It can't bring their loved one back, but it's a treasured keepsake that they can have to hold on to.

I love the way I continually evolve with my vision and my designs. This is truly a labor of love for me. When I see the look of joy and smiles I receive from people who wear and purchase my designs gives me confirmation that I am truly utilizing this talent that God has given me. I am truly thankful.

I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I love making them. Dare to be unique. Dare to be YOU!

Re-purposed  Fashion Made With Passion

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