Me in denim necklace.jfif

Hello. My name is Dina Jolley and I am the owner and designer of Dishar Designs. I have always been a crafty kind of gal, but it wasn't until about 7 years ago that I discovered the art of repurposing and tapped into my creative juices. It all started with a necktie that I purchased at an event that had been into a necklace. I completely became obsessed with the idea of turning a necktie into a necklace and started making them for myself and soon other people. 

As the necktie repurposing concept began to grow, I started finding other avenues to utilize the neckties. I used them on pillows, table runners and purses. I started making denim bags that were accented with neckties. And herein lies how the denim was integrated into my designs. Now denim is my OBSESSION! I have made earrings from the beltloops and coasters and placemats utilizing the denim pockets. I have cut the legs of the denim jeans to make more jewelry or bags, The possibilities from one pair of jeans are endless.

I like to see the art in everyday items that people only see as one thing, When anyone purchases any of my designs, they can wear them knowing that they are truly one of a kind and a wearable piece of art. 

Repurpose.... Reuse....Recycle.. ..Revision