Repurposed Denim

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I started repurposing about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. Each pair of jeans or neckties that I repurpose holds a story or a memory. I never know how I am going to repurpose anything until I hold it in my hand. Then I just go with the flow and create whatever comes to me naturally. That's why everything I create is unique and one of a kind. I take pride in knowing that when a customer receives or wears one of my designs they are going to have a design that no one else has. It is just as special as the individual that wears it. This year I did a pivot in my design creations. I focused primarily on my jean accessory line. But sometimes you have to go back to where it all started from in order to appreciate the direction that you are going. For me that is the neckties. Creating the ties are really personal to me. My bucket list this year is to continually do what I love, creating pieces that are unique to the individuals that wear them.


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